At our house, our pets are very special to us and we know your pets and the animals your organization rescues are very special to you as well. Pets give so much and they deserve the best we can give them.

We’ve believed in animal rescue for a very long time. Our Riley is a rescue and if we had the room, we’d have more. We’ve seen first hand the work, love and devotion that humane societies and animal rescues put into saving abused, neglected, homeless pets and finding new safe, loving homes for them. Because our circumstances won’t allow us to have our own rescue (yet!) we want to do something to help the animals. It’s our way of saying thank you to the organizations that dedicate their lives to saving these precious creatures. Without rescues, shelters and foster homes, there would be so many more loving pets euthanized. We know you can’t save them all, but we are forever grateful for the ones you do save.

The large majority of these organizations are comprised of volunteers and a major portion (if not all) of their funding comes from donations. These days it’s essential to have a good web site if you’re going to have the best edge to continue to do what you do. Most often the organization’s web sites are created and maintained by volunteers who do the very best they know how to do, but simply do not have the skills to develop a professional looking web site that functions properly. They don’t know how to optimize a site to its best advantage for the search engines so that they can reach as many loving families as possible in order to help find new homes for needy pets. If their volunteers weren’t working on their web sites, they’d have more time to devote to the actual rescue, care and re-homing tasks that are of the utmost importance.

We’d like to give these dedicated people more of an opportunity to put their time and money into saving, caring for and re-homing pets that need it. In order to help this happen, we created FurKids Web Sites. Although our web sites are not free, they’re substantially discounted to these organizations. Thank you for all you do for the animals!