In order to find homes for the pets your organization rescues, you absolutely need a web site to help you reach as many people who are looking to adopt a new family pet as you possibly can. The entire world is turning to the Internet to find just about anything and everything they want or need. Phone books are being tossed in drawers and used for reference or as a last resort … perhaps never to be used. They’re being thrown into recycle bins all across America because people aren’t using them like they used to. Have you noticed that phone books are getting smaller and smaller? It’s not because businesses are not there, it’s because a smart business owner realizes that phone book advertising doesn’t pay like it used to and so they’re putting their money into Internet advertising instead. It costs money to place ads in your local newspapers, and if you want to spread out to newspapers outside your local area, that’s even more money in advertising your fund raisers are having to drum up. Money that would be so much better spent on your rescue efforts and the care and feeding of these precious animals who deserve so much more than their lives have given them so far. Remember, too, that you cannot update your adoptable pets in a phone book or in the newspaper like you can on a web site!

But We Have Volunteers to Do Our Web Site

For many shelters and rescues, this is true and it’s the way they’ve done things for many years. Volunteers are the backbone of so many of these organizations. However, it’s also true that most volunteers know very little about creating a web site. They’re not graphic designers, they aren’t skilled at writing content for the web, they don’t know web site coding, cross browser compatibility and search engine optimization and the list goes on. As much as they may want to, they simply don’t have the time, energy or perhaps the desire to go out and get the training they’d need to make your organization’s web site the best it can be. They do the very best they possibly can and that’s definitely commendable – but they’re also sometimes stretched to the max between their jobs, their family life and helping out with the animals that need them so much!

The unfortunate reality is that the resulting web site can be very “home-made” looking, it can display very differently in the various browsers that their site visitors use, it may display poorly or not at all in some of these browsers which means that many perfect families for these pets simply can’t see your adoptable pets because they can’t see or find your web site. They can’t adopt what they can’t see!

It’s also not only to your organization’s benefit but the benefit of the adoptable pets to be displayed in an eye-pleasing way. They deserve to have their pictures and their histories proudly displayed!

Having your web site developed and even maintained by a professional also gives your organization the benefit of freeing up a volunteer who’s time can be put to better use in rescuing, caring for and assisting in re-homing your adoptable pets.

Because a large majority of people find their new family pets on web sites and don’t visit the shelters first, don’t read or even get a newspaper … you may have just one chance to make a good impression on them! Let’s face it, surfing the Internet for free is much less costly than paying for the gas to drive from shelter to shelter in the hopes of finding their new family member. With as busy as people are these days, it’s also much less time consuming. They can sit down for an hour in front of a computer, cruise the shelter and rescue sites, choose the pets they wish to learn more about and follow up on their selections rather than running around to all the different organizations not knowing if there’s even a remote chance they’ll find what they’re looking for.

You Could Be Missing Out on Donations!

Donations help keep your organization going. If potential adopters cannot see your web site, how can they donate to your cause? If they look at your web site and see that it’s not professional looking, doesn’t function properly, displays badly, the links don’t work, those all important adoptable pet photos don’t show up or the site’s alignment is out of whack …why would they think your organization is professional and on the up & up?

An eye pleasing web site that functions properly and shows that your organization is professional can help you to gain more in donations!

How We Can Help

FurKids Web Sites can help your organization become more¬†efficient and professional.¬†We can help you gain more adoptive family potentials, increase your donations and free up your volunteers to help the needy animals in a more productive way. Get a FurKids web site …. we do the web site work so you don’t have to!