Our friend Peggy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is quite the talented photographer. Her specialties include topics close to her heart such as children and families, senior class photos, special events and our personal favorite … DOGS!

Peggy has this unique knack for capturing the character of everyone and everything she photographs. People, pets, places and things literally come alive when Peggy focuses her camera lens on them. She really puts her heart and soul into every single photo and the results are absolutely amazing! Your heart will melt to look into the soulful eyes of these dogs. You just can’t help but say say “awwwwww” …..

PeggyMorsch_ChocLab_smlThis Chocolate Lab is one of Peggy’s favorites. You’ll find many more dogs in her portfolio at Peggy Morsch Life Photography. The action shots of the hunting dogs are phenomenal and the singing dog is sure to get a giggle out of you! Our favorite is the Westie peeking out from the shrubbery … just one of the cutest fur kids we’ve ever seen!

We’re so excited! Next year we’re going to visit Peggy and she’s going to do a photo session with our FurKids! Feel free to contact Peggy through her web site and set up a photo shoot for your fur kid!