FurKids Web Sites was inspired by my wish to found my own German Shepherd Rescue or at the very least, to be able to foster German Shepherds for other German Shepherd rescues. Unfortunately, we currently live in the city and don’t have enough room to take in additional dogs at this time. Eventually we hope to be able to move to the country so that I can fulfill my dream.

Until we can make that happen, I wanted to help the existing animal rescues, humane societies and pet shelters. I decided to put my many years of web design experience as the owner of Digital Mouse Designs to work in order to do what I can for the many pets out there that need help.

My Furry Staff Members

Our family includes my two able-bodied office assistants, German Shepherds Riley and Nissa. Riley is a rescue who we were lucky enough to adopt from the Central Wisconsin German Shepherd Rescue when he was about seven months old. Nissa is not officially a rescue dog, but we still think of her that way because she did rescue Riley from a pretty boring life. I did what I could to be a really good Pack Mom for Riley, but that’s not quite the same as being a member of a dog pack.

Nissa is Scandinavian for “Friendly Elf” and since elves are little helpers, the name Nissa fits her perfectly! But her job doesn’t end with helping Riley, who can be a real handful with his dominant ways and serious dedication to his Guard Dog duties.  Nissa’s other job is to be my warm, fuzzy, soft and very cuddly sanity! That is when she’s not being a handful herself in one of her barking frenzies!

Riley and Nissa share, produce and host their own web site and German Shepherd Dog Blog at Riley’s Place which is dedicated to German Shepherds and German Shepherd rescue but you will find lots of information on general dog health and safety issues and other neat stuff as well. You’re invited to stop on over and visit their web site often!

My Spiritual Furry Staff Members

Before Riley and Nissa, our family included three Yorkshire Terriers, Damien, Kady and Crocket. Damien came to us when he and about a 180 pack members were finally rescued from a puppy mill in our area that the authorities were finally able to shut down permanently. It was Damien that introduced us to the true meaning of pet rescue and he was a very special boy. All three of them lived with us their entire lives from puppyhood on and passed away within about a year of one another at the ages of 16, 15 and 14 but they remain with us in our hearts, in spirit and love forever.

Before the Yorkies was our German Shepherd, Kayla, and before Kayla was our Schnoodle, Gypsy. Both of these very special furkids were adopted from local humane societies. Although they’ve both been gone a very long time, these two were also very special to us and live on in our hearts forever.