Looking for a web designer who can create the perfect web site for your furry friends? Whether you’re looking for a web site for your pet rescue, animal shelter, humane society, cat or dog breed club or just your own cuddly best friends, we do them all!

Does your pet rescue or animal shelter need a new website?

  • Is your organization’s current web site outdated, done by volunteers who’s time would be much better spent helping to rescue homeless, abused pets or perhaps raising funds for their care and feeding?
  • Does it have that “home-made” look?
  • Is it doing as well in the search engines as you’d like it to?
  • Are you paying full price for your web hosting services?

We Can Help You Change All That!

Our specialty is developing new web sites and redesigns for existing sites just for pets. Your web site will be a unique, custom design (so you don’t look like anyone else) that you’ll be proud of. Each site we produce includes the initial Search Engine Optimization and half-price web site hosting. At FurKids Web Sites, a discounted price does not mean we skimp on quality.

Although we specialize in web sites for dogs and cats, we don’t stop there. Do you have a parrot? a rabbit? a guinea pig? some other furry or feathered critter? That’s ok! Would you like to have your very own personal blog so that you can share your pets with your friends and relatives? We can do that, too! If it has fur or feathers, we can create a web site for your friend.

Discount Web Design for Non-Profit Rescues & Shelters!

If you’re a non-profit organization such as a pet rescue or animal shelter, your web site will cost you 25% less! All official non-profit pet and animal rescue organizations get a 25% DISCOUNT on their web site. If you’re in the process of obtaining your non-profit status and you have paperwork to show it’s in the works, you also qualify for our discount pricing.